Wigglebutt Bazooka Full of Bon Bons "Bazooka"

B Squad Performer (owned by Matt Bilderback & Megan Bilderback)

Lives in Ohio

Bazooka is everything we our breeding for! We believe her to be one of the finest dogs we have bred. Look for her in the disc dog arena! She's a blast to watch with Matt.

Matt & Bazooka So last night at our weekly disc dog play date, Bazooka officially caught her firs disc from the air. I'll set the stage. We had just arrived at the park and a few dogs were there socializing. Buddy and Bella each had some much needed disc time with me. Bazooka was tied out so not to wonder too far. She was carrying on like a mad woman. Let me go! Let me Go... Now it was her turn to play. I asked Meg to release the fury and Bazooka quickly ran the opposite way to socialize. Hmmm. A couple of quick calls and boom she tore at me like her rump was on fire. Quick decision... toss the disc! So I gave it a good Yard plus toss, and a little high. I thought to myself, She will never get that... (I am reminded of how Bella was at this age... and the numerous drops off the tip of her nose) Then I realize WAIT this is 2 of 5, spawn of Seven of Nine, part Dog, part Borg, 24 lbs of disc hungry fury. All as the disc floats about 2-3 feet off the ground... Suddenly I remember Bazooka is in chase. She springs towards the disc, wow that looks like a Seven spring. And she makes the catch! But wait, she is still in the air...6 feet later and what seemed an eternity, Bazooka finds her way back down. Now I wondered, could this be a fluke...Was she just sooo amped up that momentum carried her through this whole experience. Naw this was fate...Genetics...the beginning of things to come. So after several more successful catches, Bazooka was released to continue socializing and herding the other dogs as they chased the saucer of desire. A proud mom and pop sat in amazement as their little bundle of energy has chosen her path ...and that path was good. Matt

Winner of Quadruped


Wiggglebutt Bazooka Full of Bon Bons

Quadruped Top 5 for 2012 for the year!!!!
Long Distance Disc Dog

1st Place Indy Quadruped two years in a row
Longest catch 89.5 yards



Sire:       Wigglebutt Light Up My Life "Lucas"
Dam:     Wigglebutt Seven of Nine

Owned by: Matt Bilderback 
Bred by:  Bill & Angela Ogle
Black tri female with copper and white trim, brown eyes.
17 3/4" tall, 33 pounds.  DOB 6/8/02.  OFA GoodCERF CLEAR

Bazooka's Pedigree 

MDR1 Normal/?
Cataract Gene - Normal/Normal
Elbows/Patellas - Normal

Full siblings...