Wigglebutt Quincy's Search and Rescue Drill

Quincy's latest Search and Rescue (SAR) adventure!
Quincy and I, along with our K-9 Search and Rescue team (NCOK9SAR) were invited to participate in Burke Lakefront Airport's disaster drill which is required by the FAA.  Our scenario was as follows:  Among the burning plane's passengers,(all were made up to look like they had various injuries) two children wondered off while other emergencies were taking place on the airport grounds.  We were to find the children quickly, as they both were injured!
There were two K-9 teams, team alpha (our team), was to find a child seen near the airport terminal.  Our team consisted of 4 dogs and 4 handlers.  The other team, team beta, was to find the other child.  The CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) was to follow us, checking that any buildings we might enter were safe.  Our team was organized and ready with CERT to follow closely behind.  We were fortunate to have a scent article from the child.
Our dogs were given the command to take the scent and proceed to find the lost child. The dogs immediately took off across the tarmac, past the burned plane, past the temporary rescue tent (set up to help the injured), and arrived at the terminal door.  We waited for the CERT folks to examine the building,making sure it was safe for us to enter.  As soon as it was determined to be safe, the doors were opened and the dogs took off to the right, past several employees, checking rooms and quickly found the lost child huddled inside a cabinet toward the end of the terminal.  Quincy led the team and was happy when he found the lost child.  We had to stand down until the CERT folks examined the child and carried her off to the first aid tent.  Quincy is a remarkable dog, he will be eight years old in November and loves his job!
Joan Irwin

Joan, we are so proud of you and Quincy!!!