Dynasty Chanel No 4 of Wigglebutt "Flair"

Lives in Texas

Flair is the daughter of Bravo & Xena.  She is owned by Alison and Richard in Texas.  She LOVES nosework, and is an exceptional companion dog. We love her size too!




Sire:        Wigglebutt Bravo
Dam:     Warrior Princess 3rd Dynasty

Owned by:  Alison & Richard Stubing
Bred by:  Kim Johnson & Fran Withers
Black tri female with copper and white trim, brown eyes.
15 1/2" tall.  DOB 11/15/09.  OFA Fair  CERF PASS 
MDR1 Mutant/Mutant
Cataract Gene - Normal/Normal
Patellas - Normal
PRA PRCD - Normal
AKC Registered  

Flair Offspring...