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Lisa Bataska
Lives in Valparaiso, IN
Trains in Northwest Indiana and Southern/Western Chicagoland Area
Cell: 773-677-8511

Relationship focused
dog training in a fun
and caring environment.








About Lisa...

She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), Certified K9 Nosework Instructor (CNWI) and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She believes in continuing her education working with dogs and strives to find compassionate approaches to help people and their dogs understand one another. With more than ten years in the dog training industry, Lisa has come to understand the importance of accepting each animal as an individual. It is when this is achieved, human and canines fully enjoy each other, much like any other relationship in life.

Lisa has attended seminars and bases her techniques on the following :
Suzanne Clothier
Sue Sternberg
Dr. Jean Dodds
Dr. Karen Overall
Dr. Ian Dunbar
Temple Grandin
Dana Pike
Ken Ramirez
Denise Theobald
Dr. Roger Abrontes

Additionally, she has contributed to helping dogs in need of homes by fostering, evaluating and training with rescue organizations such as Midwest Border Collie Rescue, Aussie Rescue Midwest, Illinois Doberman Rescue and others.  

While working with dogs it also became more apparent to Lisa that goals were only accomplished if the dog has the mental and physical ability to handle the task at hand. She feels it is her calling to help dogs and people connect emotionally, so together they can enjoy activities whether it is in competition or everyday life. 

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