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Bill & Angela Ogle, Wigglebutt, 219-465-1624, minis@wiggleb.com




Please take the time to learn about health issues in the Australian Shepherd, and visit the ASGHI site. Even with best intentions, and careful planning and testing of litters, dogs can have every health issue that people have including epilepsy, eye disorders and hip dysplasia. We wish there were a way to breed every puppy to be free from genetic illness, but this is not possible. We can only do our best.

If you are interested, please fill out each of the following questions. You will be entering a 10-12 year relationship with your Aussie, maybe longer. The information you give us about your family and your expectations, will help us to pick a puppy that is compatible with your life. We will also be happy to recommend books, training techniques and care for your dog, to help you really enjoy your best friend.

Wigglebutt is responsible for each and every puppy we produce, for their entire life. It is important for us to carefully find homes with the best chance of success and happiness, tailored for each individual puppy. If ever your situation changes, and you can no longer keep your Aussie, we require that you return the pup/dog to us. Litters will be registered AKC and UKC.

Thank you for your time and interest. We hope to hear from you!

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Why do you want an Aussie? If you have never owned an Aussie, how much time have you spent with them? What characteristics appeal to you?

What concerns do you have with getting an Aussie? What questions do you have?


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If your puppy goes over the mini size range (13" -17" females, 14-18" males), and ends up being 19" - 20" , how will you feel?


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Might you be willing to learn to show a dog if a show quality puppy is available? yes no

Might you be willing to have the dog shown by someone else?


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Might you be willing to have a dog with breeding/show potential partner with Wigglebutt?

You would provide the extra special love, care, and affection.

Wigglebutt would be responsible for countless hours researching the breed, proving breeding worthiness, determining the best mates, marketing the puppies or stud dog, attending seminars, etc. You could be as involved or uninvolved as you want to be.

Bill and I would like to keep the number of Aussies in our home very small. They are so smart and devoted, and deserve to be the center of a family's life. While we would like to be involved with bettering the breed, we are very limited (by choice) as to the number of dogs we keep at home.

Are you interested in talking more about possibility of owning a Wigglebutt Super Star?

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Are you aware that minis shed heavily a couple of times a year?


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When you are a puppy, EVERYTHING is new and intriguing. Are you aware that the first six to eight months of a puppy's life is a time to grow like a weed, try everything new, make tons of mistakes, and learn how to learn?


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It is difficult for puppies the first few weeks. They have been taken away from their mother and littermates. Will having an adorable little fuzz ball make up for the fact that you haven't gotten a full nights sleep for the first two to three weeks since you got your pup?


yes no

One of the best ways to potty train is to keep the pup in a small crate at night near your bed. When the puppy wakes up at in the middle of the night - you put on your bathrobe and slippers, take the puppy out on a leash in the rain/snow, and in a high and cheerful voice say " Good Puppy Go Pee-Pee!" . Do you really want a puppy?


yes no

Are you willing to obtain and use a crate with this puppy?


yes no
When the puppy pees on the carpet, nips you or your child in the back of your calf (herding instinct), shreds three rolls of toilet paper all over the house and chews up your socks, what will you do?
Are you willing to allow us to make recommendations/training suggestions, etc., based upon answers to these questions? yes no


If there is not a puppy in the litter that appears to be suited to your needs in terms of temperament, performance or breeding potential, etc., then we will not sell you a puppy from this litter. We will refund your deposit, or at your request, hold it towards a puppy from another litter. In addition, if for any reason buyer or seller decides not to buy or sell a puppy, the deposit will be returned to you. Is this acceptable?


yes no
A few days before the puppies turn 8 weeks, they will be temperament tested, structure tested, vetted, go to an opthamologist and herding tested to help determine the puppy's potential. We place pups in homes with their best chance for success! Only after the this testing, will you be offered a specific puppy or a choice of puppies. First come is not necessarily first served with deposits, because it is important to us that you and your puppy are a good match.

As the breeders, we have intimate knowledge of each puppy in the litter based on 7-8 weeks of close observation. As a buyer, your opportunities to observe the puppies are rather limited. Knowing this, are you willing to wait until the pup is 8 weeks to let us select a puppy for you (or puppies among which you may choose) who best suits your needs?


yes no
Thank you for your interest, your valuable time, and for sharing so much about your home and life with us. We look forward to getting to know you even better.

Bill & Angela Ogle

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