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Purina Incredible Dog Team

Wigglebutt Q

Lives in Indiana

Q is one in a million, sporting high drive, with a therapy dog temperament like his 'pa.  He loves people, dogs, entertaining, and life in general.  He is part of Tony & Sarah Hoard's wonderful family, and excelling at disc dog already.  He's got the HOPS!  Ever since he can remember, he's been touring with Tony and the Purina Incredible dog team, participating in huge parades, educational events, and INCREDIBLE disc dog demonstrations.  We are so proud of Q, and all he will be doing to promote responsible pet ownership, the sport of disc dog, and miniature Australian Shepherds.  Look for the Purina Incredible Dog Team visiting a town near you.  When Q isn't touring he's in the beautiful town of New Castle, Indiana.

Purina advertisement - Sandy Oaks Wigglebutt Q, photo by Bill Ogle


Sire:        Wigglebutt James Bond
 Dam:     Shadylane's Lights out of Tiffany

Owned by: Tony Hoard & Sarah Hoard 
Bred by:  Lynette Poca (Sandy Oaks) & Angela Ogle
Black tri male with copper and white trim, brown eyes.
17 3/4" tall.  DOB 6/8/02.  

Q Pedigree 

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