Wigglebutt Stud Muffins
Currently standing at stud to approved bitchs:

Wigglebutt Adonis "Shiloh"
Bluegrass Solo & Eaglecreeks Texas Bluebonnet

(Proven)- $1500 or pick pup
Lives in Valparaiso, Indiana with Bill & Angela Ogle

MASCA Hall of Fame Sire #3
MASCA Hall of Fame X Sire #2
Sire is Solo MASCA Hall of Fame Sire #1, Brother Bond Hall of Fame Sire #2
Multiple Nationals Best of Opposite Sex
Upper Level Versatility Awards
Best in Show Specialty
Brother to Seven - Multiple Nationals Best of Breed, World Champion Disc Dog, Most Versatile Aussie
Multiple Champion/Grand Champion

Frozen Semen Only

Blue merle male with copper and white trim, blue eyes.
17 3/4" tall, 33 pounds.  DOB 6/8/02.  OFA GoodCERF CLEAR

MDR1 Normal/Normal
Cataract Gene - Normal/Normal
Elbows/Patellas - Normal
COI = .0125

Adonis Pedigree 

World Class Disc Dogs
Professional Entertainers
National Most Versatile Aussie Winners
National Ultimate Aussie Award Winner
National High In Trial Herding Winner
Working Cadavear Dog
Dogs Titled in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Dock Diving


Wigglebutt Out of the Park "Parker"

$1200 or 2nd pick pup
Sire:      Rafter Bottle Busy Being Blue "Shorty"
Dam:     Grand CH Wigglebutt Nellie Triple Play

Owned by: Susan Sperling
Bred by:  Bill & Angela Ogle & Jane Crouse
Black tri male with white trim, brown eyes.
13 3/4 " tall, 14 pounds.  DOB 5/16/13.  OFA - too young.  CERF CLEAR

Live, Fresh & Frozen Semen Available

Black tri male with copper and white trim, brown eyes.

MDR1 Normal/???
Cataract Gene - Normal/Normal
PRA PRCD - Normal/Normal
Patellas - Normal


Wigglebutt Moves Like Jagger "Jagger"

$1200 or 2nd pick pup (Virginia)
Sire:      Wigglebutt Kodak Moment
Dam:     Wigglebutt Zenyatta

Owned by: Debra Hoffman
Bred by:  Bill & Angela Ogle
Blue merle male with white trim, brown eyes.
17 " tall.  DOB 12/31/15.  OFA - Good.  CERF CLEAR

MDR1 - Mutantl/Normal
Cataract Gene - Normal/Normal
Patellas - Normal
Elbows - Normal
Hips - Good
PRA PRCD - Normal/Normal

Up and coming... Dink, Wesley, Chalk, Tar, Jett, Buzz  

Wigglebutt Han Solo "Han"
Wigglebutt Light Up My Life "Lucas" & Wigglebutt Seven of Nine

$1500 or 1st pick pup
Lives in Valparaiso, IN with Bill & Angela Ogle

Dam is Seven - Multiple Nationals Best of Breed, World Champion Disc Dog, Most Versatile Aussie
Uncle Adonis is MASCA Hall of Fame X Sire #3, Great Grandpa Solo Hall of Fame Sire #1

Live, Fresh & Frozen Semen Available

Blue merle male with copper and white trim, one blue, one marbled eye.
16 3/4 " tall.  DOB 5/22/11.  OFA Good.  CERF CLEAR. 

MDR1 - Normal/Normal
Cataract Gene - Normal/Normal
Patellas - Normal
Elbows - Normal
PRA PRCD - Normal/Normal


Wigglebutt Stud Dogs

Do you do Semen Shipping?

Yes. We work with a fantastic reproduction specialist - Dr. Sheller from Vale Park Animal Hospital. She does both fresh chilled and frozen semen shipping.

Do your dogs have health clearances?

Yes. Typically, we do eye exams, patellas and hips. Sometimes elbows. We also do DNA testing for PRA-PRCD, HSF-4 (Cataract), and MDR1. We are happy to answer any questions you have about health issues our dogs have produced.

What health issues are in the lines?

While we try our best to make good breeding decisions and do clearances on our dogs, health issues can and do arise.  Pretty much any illness a person can get, a dog can get too.  Some illnesses are more common.  Please take the time to understand the more common illnesses in the breed.   http://www.ashgi.org/

What is the cost stud service?

Stud service costs between $1000-$1500 or 1st or 2nd pick puppy. See Stud Dogs. Around 8 weeks or a few days before, we will decide whether to place a puppy from the litter or do the monetary stud fee. If we decide on a pup, the pup will be placed in a super family co-own home. We do not place puppies with breeders at this time, but find families who are flexible if their dogs are bred or not.

Do we sell puppies to breeders?

No, we do not sell our puppies to breeders. Why? We place our dogs in homes with the HIGHEST chance for success and are meticulous about lining up puppies with families. The chances of a puppy turning out to be an exceptional breeding dog are in general pretty low. The pups bite might go off. They may grow be a 1/2" oversize. They might have rose ears. On and on...

So, what we do is place breeding prospects with partner families, that really do not care if their dog is bred or not. This way, we only breed the best of the best if the dog turns out exceptional, and the dogs all get to be the center of their families lives, forever. Breeding is just a small part of the dog's lives. We do however, provide stud service to outside breeders. We have really enjoy working with other breeders and look forward to these collaborations in the future!

Can puppies from a Wigglebutt stud be placed with other breeders?

No, we look forward to working with you and colaborating on bettering the breed together. When having a litter, it is for your program and ours, not other breeders. Our dogs are breed to want to work for you, and with the sociability to want to be with you - a lot! They do not do well in kennel situations. So we do not want our dogs in homes with more than 10 dogs.

Who will I work with?

Most of our stud dogs are in family homes, so Wigglebutt will make arrangements for either a live visit or semen shipping. The contracts will be signed by Wigglebutt. AKC registration papers will be signed by our co-owners. Contact Angela Ogle directly for stud service information and arrangements - 219.465.1624.

How do I plan on stud service?

1. Read through the contracts.

2. Give Angie a call at 219-465.1624

3. Fill out the contract and mail. Please give us as much time as possible to plan.

Click here for the Stud Contract

How do we pick a puppy?

We do the Pat Hasting’s Puppy Puzzle to evaluate pups for show/breed quality at 8 weeks.  We also do Suzanne Clothier’s CARAT temperament test. We require eye exams by an opthamologist for the litter prior to 8 weeks. If you live close to us, we can take the pups herding at 7 weeks to determine drive and instinct. We have a specific temperament that we like, so our "pick" pup may be different than yours.

Will Wigglebutt help advertise the puppies?

Absolutely! We are happy to put the litter and pictures on our site regularly. We are also happy to help find family co-owns for folks that use our stud dogs.


Angela Ogle