Wigglebutt PMF Zoe "Lucy"

Lives in Pennsylvania

This gorgeous girl lives in Pittsburgh, PA with Annalise and Karissa.  She is a daughter of Jive & Dreamer.  She no longer chases the chickens and usually not deer after some training, and is taking up agility!  What a sweetheart - can't wait to see her.

Wigglebutt PMF Zoe "Lucy"

Isn't she a 16 1/2" beauty?




Sire:       Painted Meadow Dare to Dream
Dam:     After All Jive Talkin'

Owned by:  Barbara, Annalise and Karissa
Bred by:  Bill & Angela Ogle
Blue Merle female with copper and white trim, brown eyes.
15" tall (too young).  DOB 3/20/09.  OFA (too young), CERF Clear. 
MDR1 Mutantl/Normal
Cataract Gene - Normal/Normal
Patellas - Normal
PRA PRCD - Normal/Normal

Zoe Pedigree 

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