How do we evaluate and place our puppies?

We take the process of lining up pups with the right homes very seriously and have done a great job in the past putting pups in homes where they have the best chance for success.  We will not be able to “offer” you a specific pup until 8 weeks, when all of the tests/evaluations are done.  Of course, if you are not interested in the pup/pups we think are suited to you, we will return your deposit, or wait for another litter. It’s hard to not know which puppy is the best fit, but worth the wait.

What health issues are in the breed?

While we try our best to make good breeding decisions and do clearances on our dogs, health issues can and do arise.  Pretty much any illness a person can get, a dog can get too.  Some illnesses are more common for minis.  Please take the time to understand the more common illnesses in the breed.   http://www.ashgi.org/ 

What colors?

Here's a fun one to understand coloring in minis

What do we do for Puppy Rearing?


We will be doing early stimulation to develop their little brains.  We also clicker train.  Please take the time before the pups are ready to come home with you to read up on training. We use PUPPY CULTURE 


While this is out of print, if you can find one, get the Premier Ultimate Puppy Tool Kit.  This is a great guide to socialization and training. Clicker Puppy DVD

How will my dog be registered?


What is the cost for a puppy?

Companion/Non-Breeding dogs are $2200.  The Companion contract will be used if the puppy will be spayed/neutered.  This includes performance dogs that will be non-breeding, even if they are breeding quality.  We want our performance pups to have super structure to hold up to the strain of being an athlete!  Companion Contract

Partnership/Breeding Potential pups are $1800.   Male Contract    Female Contract

Do we sell puppies to breeders?

No, we do not sell our puppies to breeders. Why? We place our dogs in homes with the HIGHEST chance for success and are meticulous about lining up puppies with families. The chances of a puppy turning out to be an exceptional breeding dog are in general pretty low. The pups bite might go off. They may grow be a 1/2" oversize. They might have rose ears. On and on...

So, what we do is place breeding prospects with partner families, that really do not care if their dog is bred or not. This way, we only breed the best of the best if the dog turns out exceptional, and the dogs all get to be the center of their families lives, forever. Breeding is just a small part of the dog's lives. 

We do however, provide stud service to outside breeders. We have really enjoy working with other breeders and look forward to these collaborations in the future!   Stud Contract

How do I reserve a puppy?

1. Fill out our Application   

2. Read through the contracts     Companion Contract   Male Contract  Female Contract  

3. Give Angie a call at 219-465-1624 

4. Fill out the Deposit Agreement and mail.   Deposit Agreement 

When should I send a Deposit?

We like to have homes lined up before the litter is born. That way, we can focus on rearing the pups and enjoying them. Please send your deposit early to reserve a pup. Sometimes, it may take a litter or two to have the right pup for you.    Deposit Agreement

Why Partner Families?

Bill & I have decided that we do not want to have a "kennel" environment for our dogs with more dogs than we can keep in our home as family – we only have two breeding dogs in our home.  The only way we can continue our program is with family partnerships. 

We have had great success in the past and enjoy the collaboration with families that have extra interest in their dogs.  We enjoy introducing people to new activities they can do with their dogs and take great pride in the dog and handler’s accomplishments.  We love it when folks are flexible on getting a breeding/non-breeding dog as it leaves us open to just placing the best dog for their family with them.

We look forward to you joining the Wigglebutt family!   Bill & Angela Ogle